(Available in singles or rolls)

Our silicone heat transfers are produced with innovative PVC free technology.   


They are specially made to perform in sports fabrics, but they also work perfect in cotton and any other materials.  


We have 3 different techniques. 

silicone soft touch

As its name suggests, it is a soft touch and light transfer that will work great for care/neck labels. 

Silicone 3d

 If you want to make your brand stand out, we have winner! Our special technology makes the impossible possible and takes your brand to the next level giving a raised effect to any exterior embellishment. Like our other silicone options, this is a great pick for athletic/sports apparel.


Silicone Flat

Flat has a rubberier hand and is a “heavier” option compared to our soft touch, making it aperfect choice for exterior embellishment, such as athletic/sports apparel.



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