Our Products and Services

Heat Transfers

Our heat transfers allow you to maintain a small inventory of transfers to be applied at your need, rather than storing a large inventory of pre-printed garments. This "low-overhead" approach will save on your storage costs, and lends itself to a more profitable business model.

We offer a variety of ink systems in order to ensure that we have an ink to suit your needs. Our range of plastisol inks can be applied to dark or light colors, 100% polyester, poly-blends, 100% cotton, or even nylon.

Endure, our premium proprietary ink system, is well suited for nearly any type of application. It applies equally well to traditional garment fabrics made from cotton, polyester, or nylon, as well as to performance fabrics, leather, and more.

Embellishment Programs

Our three embellishment programs allow you to order transfers at lower minimums, while still getting our high quality and easy to apply products. These "value-added" programs are perfect for smaller businesses looking for a fresh brand identity, or for athletic programs like high school football teams, and little league teams.

Pro-Print Twill

Our innovative printed twill gives the convincing illusion of stacked tackle twill, but because there are far fewer steps involved in application, it is a much more cost effective option. Our twill is printed with our inks, then laser cut to prevent fraying around the edges. We offer no-sew twill, which is applied with a heat press, and twill with a pressure sensitive backing, which is affixed to the garment by sewing it down.

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